How much for your soul ?

How much for your soul ?

You must be asking yourself, why the hell is she asking for my soul,is she devil?  No, im not devil and no , I’m not buying, I’m just interested in price.

Is it million, billion or trillion  of Dollars / Euros ?!? Is it closet full of shoes or is it just keeping quite when injustice is happening in front of you? How easy is to loose your soul? Many of us have been Witnesses to injustice , but just small percentage reacted. Rolling your eyes is NOT counted as reaction.

I’m a strong woman and I’ve always been and I’m not asking for protection but compassion is something we all should have! Only thing that we truly posses is our soul! Without it we are empty shell wondering around the world waiting for an end.

Ignorance is bliss, you might say, but how far is gonna get us? Aren’t we already ( as a humans) in a deep shit?? Wars are literally everywhere and yet we continue to elect the same morons, we build for them, we fight for them and for what?? So , that some politician could brag about HIS accomplishments! Yes I said His , cause face it women, girls , ladies, there are very few female politicians …

How much for your soul I ask you again?? How many liters / barrels of oil, how many carats of diamond, how many kg / pounds of gold is enough for you??? How many species need to disappear ??? How many people , animals and plants need to be destroyed so you would feel your self BIG and IMPORTANT?!?  Would you ever stop??

How many young souls needs to disappear so you could fill your empty hole, where your soul use to be? They say money rules the world, I say they created the money , that in a case of real catastrophe  you can’t eat or drink!

Think about what you leave behind, don’t leave shit and destruction cause we have that already enough!

Fashion blogger from Bosnia, living in Austria born on 18.June ,law student,married, vegan, catlover and ironie fan.

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